Niacinamide Cream


How to Use It:

The cream is potent.  It can be applied to face, neck and décolleté.

First spritz your skin with your Bespoke Hydrosol blend or Drench

Then release 2 -3 pumps into your palm.

Gently pat onto freshly spritzed skin to activate the niacinamide molecules.

Allow to air dry before applying makeup or mineral sunscreen.

What’s inside the cream (3rd June 2021 batch)

Clinical dose of niacinamide 11% –

Clinical dose – 9% Red Algae – collagen synthesis, smoothness and moisture retention

Sepilift  DPHP  called the ‘Beauty Amino Acid’ – smoothness, suppleness, reduces fold depth of wrinkles, improves tension – a collagen specific active – used at MAXIMUM dose.

and they’re NOT plonked into a cheapo tap water gloop base!

Instead I use precious and EXPENSIVE hydrolat!

Frankincense hydrosol – antiaging elixir prized by the Pharaohs! Tightens jowls, firms neckline.

Devon Rose petal extracted through my ‘DewLock ‘ process – softens and improves hydration

Kenyan Shea butter and Baobab seed for  UV protection and nourishment

St Joan’s extract – UV protection and dispels depression

Hyaluronic Acid to plump up fine lines.

Available on back-order

This is a bespoke cream, made after you order.

Niacinamide helps your skin prepare for any retinol, LED or laser treatments or chemical peels.

It also soothes, calms and hydrates your skin AFTER salon treatments that have removed the top layer of your skin.

I am putting this product to the vault for the time being… Meaning that you can’t order it until I decide to bring it out again.

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Niacinamide Cream