COMING SOON: Tuscan Sunrise Cleanser


Mood enhancing cleanser that respects your skin’s biome.

This waterless orange hued and scented cleanser is full of skin loving fruit and berry extracts that are packed with antioxidants and omega threes. Sweet orange essence, anti-oxidant herbs, hydrating glycerine and omega rich sea buckthorn and apricot kernel to nurture your skin while cleansing it tenderly.

Ideal for those suffering with rosacea, psoriasis or very dry itchy skin.

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How to use – apply Tuscan Sunrise to your palm. Add a splash of water and mix in your palm, then smoothe onto your face. Massage with small circles to move the lymph and Qi and release tension. Inhale deeply, allowing the sweet orange essence to envelop your senses, caress your mind and convey optimism and positivity. Then rinse off with tepid water. Finish with a spritz of collagen boosting Drench, and seal in with Heart of Eternity.

Tuscan Sunrise is designed to respect your skin’s biome and add a touch of joy to your day. The Ancient Chinese energy masters knew that sweet orange instils a sense of joy and playfulness by dispelling gloomy mindset.  Feel uplifted and inspired to be the best version of yourself.

Lovingly hand-crafted by Wendy in her Devon studio.

So let Tuscan Sunrise take you on a mini vacation to the sun kissed hills of a carefree summer holiday in Tuscany…

Experience the joy of Tuscany everyday. Click to order yours today!

My Gorgeous Ingredients:

In-house antioxidant glycerol extract with anti-oxidant herbs
Organic Apricot kernel oil
Polyglceryl-5 Oleate
Organic sweet orange essence
Sea Buckthorn berry extract
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Naturally occurring Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool, Citronellol, Farnesol

Lovingly hand-crafted by Wendy in her Devon studio.

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