Sara Hills

Podcast: Sara Hills

Today we have Medical Herbalist Sara Hills who will give us practical tips for menopause. Sara shares her wisdom and gives herbal ideas as well as dietary recommendations. Pour your favourite beverage and enjoy the show!


Find Sara on Facebook: ‘Herbal Wisdom’, WhatsApp 07792614136 or

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wendy gardner

About Me

Wendy Gardner is the aromatherapist and skincare alchemist at Glow Skincare. She's the author of Dare to Go Bare and host for the Aspie in Menopause podcast. When she's not making creams, or looking after the wild birds, she likes to draw and read.

Diploma in Aromatherapy (ITHMA London, 2003)

Usui Reiki Master. Ovate Grade (OBOD)

Distant Healing

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