What is sea fennel extract?

Sea fennel or rock samphire or samphire is an edible plant part of the carrot family. It’s called Crithmum Maritimum  in Latin

It’s a  hardy plant that grows on rocky beaches and windswept cliffs of south western England, Ireland, Europe and around the  Meditteranean . It has fleshy green leaves and yellow/green flowers. Fed by the silica in the sand and the immense amounts of nutrients carried by ocean waters and breeze

English herbalist, Culpeper, describes the leaves as having a pleasant, hot and spicy taste. While in King Lear, Shakespeare referred to the dangerous practice of collecting rock samphire from sea cliffs. It was sold in London as Crest marine and now the plants are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

What does sea fennel smell like?

It’s a said to be an ocean scented essential oil  that smells like the beach. Think salty air and bitter.

What does rock samphire taste like?

Carrots. Raw sea fennel is crunchy like raw carrots too.

sea fennel vs sweet fennel

the difference between sea fennel and sweet fennel

Difference between sea fennel and sweet fennel

Sweet fennel grows in kitchen gardens around the world and you eat the bulb or feathery leaves. Sea fennel only grows along the coast in a narrow geographic area.

Is sea buckthorn and sea fennel the same.

No, sea buckthorn is a berry that grows on a  thorny bush or shrub. Although it may grow on a windswept coast, it does not grow on the cliff edges and beach pebbles. Sea buckthorn produces orange hued berries that are rich in omega threes and other vitamins.

the difference between sea fennel and sea buckthorn

fennel vs  sea fennel

see notes above

How to use sea fennel extract

The leaves are nutritious and antimicrobial, so were eaten by sailors to prevent scurvy.

A digestive tonic  used for weight loss and firming dimpled skin.

An excellent marine herb  packed with free radical scavengers  that protect  aging skin and provide skin renewing and regenerative properties.

Nutritional benefits of sea fennel:

The leaves are packed with lashings of vitamins ( A, C, E and K),  carotenoids, flavonoids, antioxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (that protect against coronary heart diseases), water-soluble compounds as sugars, organic acids and many minerals including iodine.

Phenolic compounds in sea fennel leaves  include chlorogenic acid (the same acid found in green coffee beans that helps regulate blood sugar levels and boost metabolism to maintain a healthy weight.

Volatile compounds include  sabinene, γ-terpinene, thymol methyl ether, dillapiol, α-pinen, p-cymol, apiole, cis-ß-ocimene and terpinen-4-ol


Skin benefits of  Sea fennel extract    

Rich in antioxidants that help improve appearance and skin tone:

Contains skin brightening vitamin C, that protects against environmental pollution and UV also strengthens the skin’s epidermis layer, preventing moisture loss.

strengthening vitamin E which helps dull or dry skin

vitamin A, a natural form of retinol soothes spots and acne while boosting  collagen. It also helps avoid clogged pores and evens out skin tone and hyper-pigmentation

As the peptides are very small they can penetrate and calm your skin,  so sea fennel  evens out skin discoloration, reducing redness, blemishes and wrinkles.

In essence, sea fennel energizes and rejuvenates your skin, increasing production of collagen and elastin and improving you skin’s natural radiance.

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 Sea fennel extract retinol

Yes, it’s the newest natural alternative to retinol.  Because retinoids are synthetic versions of Vitamin A,  they ‘re not recognised by the body  because synthetics lack the natural counterparts and synergists that normally accompany Vitamin A, that help activate it in your skin.

Synthetic retinoids are not bio available in your skin, so your body is unable to use them.

Sea Fennel, however, contains all the bioavailable and synergistic components that allow your skin to benefit from the vitamins, minerals and peptides within it. It self-activates in your skin, without irritation or down time.

Glow Skincare make a Super Hydrating Mask  with skin-loving Sea Fennel.

sea fennel essential oil rosacea

Yes this is a calming essential oil and can be used in a blend on sensitive skin that suffers rosacea, as it se fennel is a natural retinoid there won’t be the side effects of synthetic vitamin A. Another useful read on rosacea

sea fennel essential oil uses

It can be used for improving digestion, metabolism, skin health and general nutrition, which improves immunity and wellness.

sea fennel good for hair

It is rich in vitamin C, amino acids and other minerals that help the scalp and by doing so help your skin. Se fennel also contains iodine that can help the thyroid which in turn affects hair health.