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How to train as a Sprit Guide – Minali Talreja

In this latest episode Wendy welcomes back the delightful Minali Talreja in Mumbai, India to talk about her new audio book about Spirit Guides. What are they? How do you train as a spirit guide? And other juicy content especially for Starseeds and Envoys.

What are spirit guides

Part 1 – What are spirit guides, how they the bridge between our Soul and Spirit.

  • a 101 primer on spirit guides
  • how Mina received this information
  • types of spirit guides (protective, cheerful, warning guides)
  • probable parallel realities during our human journey and quantum shifting
  • messages, signs and nudges from your Soul
  • the plan for your earth journey (lessons, guidelines)
  • joy or addiction (escape)
  • feelings, music and lyrics as messages
  • clairaudience and extra sensory abilities
  • dreamtime, auras, seeing the future

how do I know if I have a spirit guide

Part 2 – The syllabus for a Spirit Guide

  • training to be a spirit guide
  • understanding the physics of being human
  • astral hands, dreams
  • awakening and the veil of forgetfulness
  • spirit guide as the bridge between soul and human
  • intuition and other special abilities
  • Nikola Tesla – the bridge between mystic and science
  • inner child healing through our experiences
  • the syllabus for soul lessons
  • Healing through the opposites

meet your spirit guide


Ascension practitioner, Certified Medium, Blog writer and a supporter of evolution of human consciousness.

I have an intuitive knowing of other realms, however my human mind is only given as much information as is required in the earthly realm. Too much information can be overwhelming, but my higher self in other realms is very awake and aware of everything and often if I meditate on a question, I receive the answer. 

Since I am a medium, I interact with galactic beings and spirit guides, my own as well as others to deliver messages and guidance whenever they want me to. But I don’t work with everyone as I said it’s limited to friends and family.

Minali Talreja


To find out more about Minali visit her blog  alchemistofthenewage.tumblr.com 

My YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UC2dH9gsWHUKMX47cHpVL-Fw

Listen to Minali’s first interview here: Divine Feminine

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