What are the benefits of sunlight?

Sunlight has many health benefits. It's not just essential for Vitamin D production for stronger bones and teeth.  Sunlight boosts immunity, brain and heart function, mood and eyesight.After a long, wet and grey winter... there's nothing…

How to cool hot flashes for better sleep - for Aspies going through menopause

Happy new year to you!  I've updated this article (Jan 2020) with more results from experiments.  Being on the spectrum means that I am extra sensitive to stuff that doesn't bother many NT's so I hope you'll find something here that helps.…

Bach Flower Essences

What are Bach Flower Essences? They're gentle natural extracts from flowers and trees, preserved in a little brandy. The original 38 were developed in the 1920's and 30's by Dr Edward Bach who noted their power to help with emotions.Bach…