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Customer Testimonial- Kelly Bordage Age-Defying skin

Karen Alison says: ‘I love the smell. I love the feel.’

I love how the whole Glow skincare routine feels like magic or alchemy. It’s not something you “have” to do (like brushing your teeth) but something you can’t resist doing. I love the smell.

I love the feel. I love Drench – why is it so appealing to spray something delicious on your face? I love Empress Elixir I love the moisturizer. I love how you can smell the products on your skin after you put them on.

I love how you only need a tiny amount of the cleanser and it seems to spread all over your face. Actually, all the products are like that – you don’t need vast quantities at any one time because they provide such a plethora of benefits. Considering what goes into them, it’s really an enormous value.

So, is it just my imagination, or are your products calming? I notice when I do the morning routine with face crème, Drench and Empress Elixir that I feel calm and peaceful afterwards… uplifted. Perhaps that ‘s the Reiki energy? But I think also the scents and the ingredients themselves. They are very restorative.

Nikol Elaine says you should let your skin shine through

I’m a licensed Cosmetologist as well as a hair and makeup artist in Los Angeles, California. My style of makeup is “clean, natural, and looking like the best version of yourself.” I don’t like to “cake” on makeup products, and would rather let your skin show through.  Good healthy skin is a huge asset to a flawless finish and also means I can apply less makeup.

This is why using great skincare products is so important. I recommend moisturisers, serums and cleansers like Glow Skincare that are ‘clean’ and have a shorter list of ingredients. Wendy uses ingredient lists that you can pronounce, from real plants and flowers! I love ‘Jardin De Fleurs cleanser’ that removes makeup without upsetting the skin’s microbiome. When you get rid of dry skin, your makeup stays on better. ‘Harmony facial polish’ is ideal as it lifts away dead skin cells with ocean friendly bamboo microspheres. My favorite product is a skin mist called ‘Drench.’ I find it really uplifting, and it is perfect through the day on set to stay calm and keep mine and my clients skin hydrated. ‘Heart of Eternity’ is packed with antioxidants to promote healthy skin.

I’m on a mission to show you how less can enhance more. Your face has many features with amazing potential, and there’s nothing more beautiful than glowing skin! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients looking their best and radiating joy.

Wardee Harmon says:

I could not live without my Java! I am on the computer all day, I wear contacts, and like most people, I use my eyes a lot. ;) By the time the day is over and I take out my contacts, my eyes are usually burning and a bit puffy. I put on some Java EVERY NIGHT before bed. It’s very soothing and cooling so my eyes immediately feel better. Even better, no more puffy eyes in the morning! Thank you, Wendy and Glow Skincare!” ~Wardee from Traditional Cooking School

Angie Colee says:

You’re amazing!

I just wanted to say thank you – I love the face cream so far. I’m usually fidgety, picking at my face and whatnot throughout the day – every time I touch my face it’s so smooth and soft, but without being oily. Do you know how long I’ve been hunting for something like this? I’ve been through like…20 lotions in the past 6 months trying to find something good for my face and hands. And you send me a thoughtful little gift and it’s like it just fell in my lap. You’re a godsend!

I may be comfortable not wearing makeup, but like most other women I am still hyper critical of myself and my appearance. It’s just that most days convenience and level of effort required weigh in over being more “presentable”.

I can say after a week+ using it, for the first time this morning I noticed my eyes.

That may seem like an odd statement, but seriously.

Rather than puffy under-eye bags, red/dry/flaky skin, or any other imperfections, I looked my mirror self in the eyes, thought – heh, looks good!, and went about my day without picking apart my own face.

Not promising everyone else gets those results. But it’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

There’s not a huge scent to it – I’m not sure if it dissipates over time or what. It reminds me of Clinique serums, almost. Very similar fragrance, very mild.

I do know you put crack or some other such addictive substance in this face cream and I’m suddenly worried about you becoming sick and me having to go through withdrawals. I’m selfish like that LOL.

Don’t get sick!

Kelly Bordage says:

My husband says I look ten years younger.

It‘s scary trying new products when you’ve had 40 years of cystic acne, eczema and sensitive skin.

But since switching to Glow Skincare, I’ve had oodles of compliments on my skin.

My skin looks, feels and is the healthiest it has ever been.

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