The best way to store your bar soap

Our advice for longer lasting freshness.

No matter whether you use your bar soap in the bath, shower or at the basin, you can extend it’s life.

Store your soap on a dish that allows the water to drain away. Never leave it in the splash ne of the shower as it will become soggy, even though it has been dry cured for many months to remove water.

To take your handcrafted soap with you when you travel, another option is to store it inside a small cotton fabric bag.

This will prolong the scent of the essential oils too. And many clients report that they have stored their unused Glow soaps in their closets to impart the delicious fragrance to their clothes.

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Wendy Gardner is the skincare alchemist at Glow Skincare. When she's not making creams or writing updates, she likes to draw and read great fiction!

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