Tips for do it yourself soap making

Planning can save you time and materials.

Once you’ve been bitten by the soapmaking bug, it’s very hard to stop trying out new recipes. Of course not every experimental batch turns out well, or the way we would prefer it, so one of the ways to avoid wasting precious materials is to keep detailed records of what you used, the time and temperature. With time and experiments you will figure out your perfect bar soap, for hardness, colour , bubbles and lather.

Soap making is also an excellent way to use up vegetable butters and oils that are nearing their best by date. Especially if you’ve bought exotic ingredients that somehow you didn’t take a shine to. Use the fancy things as part of your superfat. The last fancy schmany batch I made had , baobab and camellia that I wasn’t going to be using for face creams.

Of course had I planned my purchase sizes of those raw materials better, they would not have been turned into soap!

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Wendy Gardner is the skincare alchemist at Glow Skincare. When she's not making creams or writing updates, she likes to draw and read great fiction!

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