Vitamin F for skin

What is Vitamin F ? Yes you’ve heard of Vitamin A, C and E also B vitamin complex, but what the heck is vitamin F?
Well Vitamin F turns out to be the combination, or blend,  of two acids: ALA and LA acids. These are critical for healthy skin. You can eat them too, and I’ll give you specific foods to look out for.
But why should we use vitamin F in our skincare?

Is there a vitamin F?

Vitamin F is the name of a combination of two essential fatty acids:
ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) an omega-3 fatty acid, and
LA (linoleic acid) an omega-6 fatty acid.
Both of these keep our skin healthy How? They maintain our skin’s outermost barrier, preventing water loss. Inside our body they reduce inflammation and help keep blood sugar levels stable.

Where can I get vitamin F?

You can find Vitamin F in the fruit and veg section: avocados, almonds, walnuts, hemp, pumpkin, flax, pumpkin, soya, chia seeds, and all kinds of sprouts. And for your skin, look for Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil. I use both on my own menopausal skin.

What does vitamin F do?

Vitamin F keeps your skin happy – it protects and hydrates. It also reduces redness and keeps it feeling comfortable.

Protects Skin

Vitamin F is converted into ceramides in the skin. Ceramides create the glue or mortar between the skin cells that seals in the moisture or hydration. This outermost layer of skin also protects us from pollution, dust, UV and irritants.


Retains Moisture

Because it seals in hydration, Vitamin F helps your skin hold onto moisture. This is why I use it in Heart of Eternity night cream, to lock in the rosewater!


Reduces Inflammation

If you’ve got dermatitis or psoriasis, you need help in reducing inflammation.

Calms Skin

Red skin needs the calming influences of Vitamin F. Whether your skin is dry or oily, it needs balance.

Tackles Blemishes

Applying Vitamin F to acneic skin can reduce blemishes in as little as a month.

What are the symptoms of vitamin F deficiency?

Dry skin, poor wound healing are signs.

Is vitamin f good for rosacea?

Yes! Sensitive skin can benefit from using oils such as Rosehip and Argan.

Here’s how to include Vitamin F in your skincare routine:

Use it twice a day to restore balance and happiness to your skin.
Here is a simple morning skincare routine that includes vitamin F!
First cleanse with Jardin de Fleurs or Harmony
Second, spritz with Drench (which contains Vitamin B5)
Then apply Heart of Eternity. Job done. Enjoy your happier, softer skin. 
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Wendy Gardner is the skincare alchemist at Glow Skincare. When she's not making creams or writing updates, she likes to draw, sew, drink tea and read great fiction!

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