What is Reiki? Your 2024 Guide

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that exists within the Multiverse. However it is not the only form of energy healing available.

All living things contain Life Force (Qi , Chi or Prana) Qi is like electricity flowing through a circuit when you press a switch.

Switch on a light and darkness vanishes.

Sometimes our Qi energy is low, and this is reflected in our faces with dull, dry lifeless skin.

The lower our mood and vitality, the more corpse-like our skin.

Other times, we are boiling over in negative emotions and red hot anger explodes in flare-ups, boils, pimples, rashes and other burning skin issues like eczema.

Who can have Reiki?

Reiki is suitable for everybody – from babies to the elderly.

You can use it on pets and plants even the food you eat. A simple way to do this is to hold your palms over your meal ebfore you eat and thank the soil, animals, people involved in preparing your food and ask that the nutrients will nourish you. This may remind you of people saying Grace before eating. There is wisdom to be found in all traditions.

Why should you have a Reiki treatment

When Qi energy is balanced and smooth flowing, our skin is happy with an effortless natural radiance or glow. Happy thoughts and feelings show up in youthful wellbeing.

I work with Reiki and Seichem Master healing rays when I make my artisan products. My intention is to raise your vibration to the optimal level, so that your body’s innate healing power is activated.  Healthy skin will glow with a vibrancy that cannot be faked. By the way, I do not use the actual symbols, I use the palms of my hands and my intention to send the healing energy. It is my personal inner knowing that we all can heal, both ourselves and others.

Energy flows from your palms. The Essene healers used this in their healing centres. It’s why an aromatherapy massage feels so amazing – you are getting the healing power of touch as well as the benefits of the essential oils. It’s also why a hug is so powerful – our bodies are powerful electromagnetic systems.

reiki s

Reiki helps with the 2 major skin problems:

  • Too little energy/too low a vibration- dull lifeless grey corpse-pallor, skin looks old and tired. Cold to the touch. Heavy, sagging. Sad. Down.
  • Energy is stuck/blocked =angry red skin with outbreaks and festering, painful. Itching, spots, cysts, rashes, burning. Anger. Frustration.

Skin reflects our inner health and mindset, it shows us when we are angry or depressed and even our dominant thoughts/emotions decide whether we wear laughter or frown lines.

How Reiki works:

Reiki will flow to where your body needs it. If there is an energetic or emotional block in your meridians, Reiki will unlock it so that Qi/Prana flows smoothly. In Chinese medicine, stuck Chi causes pain, inflammation and anger. These show up in your skin as redness, pain and swelling. A signature component of Heart of Eternity is the pure rose and lavender hydrolat I use to cool inflammation. I super activate these flowers by Reiki.

Skin with a low vibration looks dull, grey and lifeless. A Kirlian Polaroid would show the aura devoid of colour. I choose vibrant plant extracts rich in antioxidants which I’ve activated with Reiki. These nourish and raise the vibration in your skin so that healthy new cells are made. These will be visible within 25-35 days.

reiki symbol for cancer
This symbol is for tumours, cancer.

Reiki principles

Reiki principles taught by Dr Usui

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki told his students: “If you live your life according to these five principles, you will lead a fulfilled life.”

Just for today, do not be angry
Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, be grateful
Just for today, work hard
Just for today, be kind to others.

Do not suppress anger, it will ferment and make you ill. Acknowledge it by saying ‘ Oh I am angry’ and then it will pass on.

The source of worry is fear of change. But life is all about change, just watch nature. Put your ego aside and attend to the jobs that need doing.

Because Japanese is a complex language, you may find translations vary – eg  “be kind to people” is sometimes translated as “show compassion to yourself or others”. Or “devote yourself to your work” can be translated as “work hard” or “do your work honestly”.

Look at the four symbols shown below – you can can use the first three on your face and neck. I share instructions later on in the article.

Reiki symbols

Reiki sy

Other healing modalities that combine really well with Reiki are EFT tapping

To summarise

Energetically, Reiki is life force/Prana/Qi – it flow through our body’s meridians. When the flow is blocked by negative emotions and thoughts like anger and frustration, we manifest pain, inflammation and red patches like eczema.  When energy in the skin is low, from illness, low mood, our skin looks grey, dull or lifeless.

Reiki can help both situations. It unblocks the stuckness/redness, and raises the vibration to restore a natural glowing vibrancy of wellness. Reiki knows where to go to restore equilibrium. Reiki for radiance.

Reiki-infused skincare

Using Heart of Eternity is like having 2 Reiki treatments every day for 2 months.

I have developed a special process to energize the healing potential of the ingredients so that each dab of cream contains a healing session. The healing remains active for 24 hours after application, sometimes longer.

My proprietary process super activates the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant ingredients to nourish and protect you so that you have the healthiest version of yourself visible to everybody. Your skin will notice the synergy of Reiki  and hydrosol.


70% of a face cream formula calls for water, in some form. Most makers use plain tap water (zero anti inflammatory power, zero healing healing)

I use rose or lavender hydrolat for  70% of the formula, and both are calming and anti-inflammatory. What this means is that my product is already  70x more powerful that your average high street recipe made with ordinary tap water!

See the results for yourself with a 4-8 week supply of cleanser and night cream in our insanely priced Try Me Experience .  

Reiki Exeter

I am trained in Seichem and Reiki levels I, II and III (Master level) as well as Egyptian Cartouche and Essene healing.

Reiki distance healing

I offer distant healing for everybody. I will send the energy during the early hours of the morning It operates quantumly. I am simply asking on your behalf.

Reiki self healing

You can use your own hands to heal at home – you do not need to be specially trained to do these hand positions.

Your intention is key –

self heal with reiki at home

Reiki DIY Facial

Wash and dry your hands. Draw these three symbols on the centre of both palms:

  • Power symbol (Cho Ku Rei)
  • Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei He Ki)
  • Distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen)

Now place your palms over your face. Relax and breathe for 5 to 10 minutes. You may prefer to do this while laying down. Pop a pillow under your knees and cover yourself with a light blanket. You can also draw the symbols before you go to sleep at night.

Reiki sy

If you enjoyed reading this – you will love the tips on EFT as they work beautifully alongside Reiki.

Reiki for dogs

What can Reiki do for your dog?

  • Ease pain
  • Boost the immune system
  • Decrease healing time after surgery or illness
  • Remove emotional or psychological blocks that are impeding physical health
  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Enhance well-being
  • Strengthen the bond between  you and your dog.
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