What is the connection between wellness and mindset?

These few days nestled between Christmas and the New Year hours have been filled with reading and mulling over concepts from the personal transformation course I am doing.

Today I wanted to write a final article for the year that joins the dots between wellness and mindset.

What is the connection?

Well first of all to have beautiful skin you obviously cant just wave a magic wand – you need to eat well, drink water, exercise, sleep, use good products and generally make some effort.

With mind set it is the same thing – you can’t magically wish your life were different that you are thin and fit, a confident public speaker, mega wealthy or whatever your dream is.. you need to do the work to get the results.

One  of the things  I am learning is the tiny steps approach to doing any task.. or any goal in fact. When you get fixated on the end result its called ‘desire trap’ and you don’t actually put in the work because in your head you are already at the end result so why bother with the reality of slog?

So when you buy a course that promises that you can have any life you love just by repeating a mantra or taping some words to your mirror and looking at them a gazillion times a day – those things don’t work but you buy the course as it feels nice to have a quick and easy.

It’s the same with wellness.  You can want clear soft skin or toned abs till the cows come home but unless you do the basics you’re in a desire trap.  All those small steps taking off your makeup before you roll into bed, even if its midnight.. When you opt for takeout when you can’t be bothered to cook a healthy meal from scratch when you get in from work  Forgetting to take your vitamins or omega three supplements. Lots of ways to  sabotage your life.

If you want a smooth clear skin, you’re going to have to eat right and use good products.  Ashtanga body your cuppa? Well then, you need to earn those abs, the balance and the core strength.

Results come from pitiful small steps done again and again till you master them. Actual steps are slow and tiny and hard work. So how do you go about doing this? First of all think small steps – take the first step that you can possibly do right now where you are at. You don’t have to wait till you’re on some exotic spa holiday with all day to spend working out or having your skin buffed…. You can start today drinking a small glass of water.. then build that to two glasses etc. It takes at least 2 months to build and then lock in a habit.  If you don’t lock it in with repetition   you will end up like Sisyphus for ever pushing the same rock up the same hill.

The same with skincare. Sometimes it’s budget that stops you upgrading to something more nurturing for you skin and in that case stop buying the junk things and start saving towards the first item in your routine you can replace. Give your family members hints about what you want for your next birthday, heck even give them the website address and product name.  Be bold. Partners can’t mind read.

And when you’re ready, order a Try-Me Experience so you can get started on the best skin of your life.

There is a transformation principle I am learning in a course I am participating in called the Anna Karena principle or the strait and narrow. In a nutshell it means the fastest way to achieve what you want is to remove everything that doesn’t work. So if your weak spot is sodas, stop drinking those first of all and you will get big gains. Also keep an experimental mindset and use a journal to track the results of your experiments.  You can even do this with my range for instance try your Drench before you moisturiser vs after.  See what works for you on what day. I often get asked in what order products need to be applied – and so have a general step by step ritual to suggest but of course other than always starting with the cleansing step.. you are free to experiment.

On this eve before the new year, you may be looking at your life and seeing areas out of balance – this is normal – none of us is ever totally in balance everywhere. And even if we achieve balance somehow in one day, by tomorrow life has changed and we must adjust again. Stagnation is death. Life is eternal movement.

If you are already eating well but find you are skimping on your sleep, then time to reel yourself back in to a decent bedtime.  Maybe you hate exercise – how can you start small with something that is fun? Could you put on some music and boogey in the privacy of your bedroom?

Are you an overachiever and feel burnt out and unappreciated? Are you overworked and anxious?  How can you build in some sweet relief like a scented massage or some fun fiction like Harry Potter?

And with that – a happy new year to you.  May it be a year ahead filled with new vistas and pleasures that you’ll unearth from your own inner being.

May you discover more of who you are this year and build your life in a way that nurtures you!

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